Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Summer 2012 Depository

The last three months have been packed with full of tedious stressful creative work outside of CG Arts so I'm anxious to get back and start my third and final year. Naively believing it will feel like a holiday compared to this summer's workload.
Aside from the usual hush-hush work I've been doing some on-the-side personal work to keep my sanity, expand my skill-set and fulfil my technical curiosity.

I've been engaging more into After Effects coupled with Photoshop as part of VFX, due in part to the post-production work from The Skeleton Key on Broadway. More on that later after I can get it rendered :)

Working further on the transcription project, slowly adding to the scene and fixing the camera shots a la Spielberg. As well as fixing the particle effects for the fountains and torches. and hoping for it to not corrupt again be ready to render any time soon.

I've also been working on environment concept art for Nanomation's 'Hansel and Gretel' Animation- Being in charge of imagining the gritty side of our world.

Having a keen interest in other methods of rendering and the extra added element of interactivity within a scene, I've touched into UDK, ID Tech 4, Source and Cryengine 3-Exploring the pipeline of transitioning models from Maya into other Game Development Kits, some being harder then others to transfer. I may do a write up on each pipeline in the future.

Finally, the overhaul of the Blog design was because the last one was so depressing. The change to a more creative design also comes with a more direct approach to showcasing past projects and social plugins (portfolio/email/facebook/etc).