Saturday, 29 December 2012

Minor: Pre-visual

Minor: Draft Script

The script's requires a few voices, so dependant on budget, I may use one actor with multiple talents, or a couple of actors.

Minor: Evolution.

Happy Holidays.

It was suggested that in order to nail the final products concept I would need to look at how the products purpose have evolved over the years.

Based upon Moore's law, it's safe to say technology since 1971 still improves at exponential rates. Therefore idea of technology still advancing in the future is taken for granted.

The products are all based of current (2010's) real world technologies, therefore the primitive or starting point for their evolution will be at present day 2010's.
The products I'm showcasing are based within the year 2050's which is the end point

The overall influences for the world are drawn from fictional films such as WALL-E, Blade Runner, Fifth Element, Branded, so the products will be suited or leaned more towards a consumer-infested world.

Based upon research (including technology predictions) and current technology innovations, here are the evolutionary process of the products from now up to the 2050's.




(click if black screen)

For the advertisements in-between the products, they expand on how the 2050's world functions. Consumer-focused. But evolved with the technology.

I want to have a feel similar to the 'There's no way like the American Way' Billboard, pictured below. To describe the worlds' marketing as similar to 'The wholesome happy all-american all-smiles family stereotype' delusion.

A variation of this 'The wholesome happy all-american all-smiles family stereotype' delusion is still being used in today's marketing, for example NailPerfect infomercial- Where the actors, voiceover, testimonials are all smiles and laughter after the product is introduced, as well as the voiceover being upbeat and enthusiastic.

Monday, 3 December 2012