Monday, 26 September 2011

Narrative: In Progress Concept Art

Still In Progress - New York Skyline With Empire State Building


Scrapped Character Design Concepts
The Victim:

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Character Design: Arkham City

Found some preliminary and progress Character Design Sheets/Turnarounds as well as Facial studies for Harley Quinn for Batman: Arkham City.
I like the clothing styles, especially in Harley's character, as well as the small notes that give an insight into the design process. Might work well in the biker stereotype side of my Character design.

Maya: Lip Syncing Tutorial

Take One

and experimenting further with mouth controls:

Take Two

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Character Design

"Character always comes first, before physical representation. Just as it is with all living things, including human beings. We are not what we look like. We are not even what we sound like. We are how he move; in other words, our personalities. And out personalities are shaped by what we think, by where we come from, by what we have experienced. And that personality is unique to each of us."

An eighties Saturday cartoon series is being rebooted and as a character artist I've been approached to prepare a Character Design & Animation Bible for three of the shows main characters- The Hero, The Villain, and The Sidekick. My project's submission will contain a synopsis of the show, expression sheets, and turnarounds for all three characters.

My Mash-up Set of Genres are

Bikers & Time Travel

Initial Influence Maps

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Narrative: Environment

Some initial inspiration for the Films 'Modern Day' Environment:

In order of Apperance. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Film: Metropolis, Saevitia- By Digital Artist 'Tigaer, Film: Blade Runner, Tokyo at Night

The general feeling we're aiming for is a strong use of bright neon lights lit on a dark drab backdrop within a visual metropolis.

Whilst the atmosphere on the street is depressing, gritty, and dark. Maybe similar to:

2 Minutes 46 Seconds in

Furthermore some Adverts on some 1930's vehicles which might help on the initial design of the film's vehicles as well as the aesthetics. From Jag Lovers

Narrative: Start + Studio Design/Marketing

Our group is asked to create a short animated film trailer (or teaser trailer) for a
fictional film. The trailer will be no more than 1 minute 30 seconds in
length and will be inspired by a given movie title in combination with our
studios choice of Genre(s) (Sci-Fi, Horror, or Film Noir).


-To promote an awareness and understanding of the integration and synthesis
of audio and visual elements in the construction of narrative, its reception and
an aesthetic engagement with the language of film

-To promote the skills of research and critical enquiry focussed on the
investigation of narrative and filmic devices

-To foster the skills associated with the sustained development of complex
projects and the self management required to successfully accomplish
challenging tasks in team working situations

Our studio is titled 'Glass Key Studios'. It consists of Alex, Paul, and Me (Ryan), we will endeavour to produce a trailer/teaser animation titled "The Skeleton Key on Broadway". Follow us here: Glass Key Studios

Glass Key Studios derives from a film Noir 1942 film. We felt this was a solid representation of our group and describes our intentions for our production.

In regards to the branding of our studio. We felt it was best having a certain degree of elegance whilst containing a professional look.

Some inspiration of logo design from other Animation design studios:

At a later date I will be editing this post to show progress shots of the studio branding work.

The Final Logo as well as other Branding work can be found at Glass Key Studios: Branding.