Friday, 16 November 2012

Minor: Concept Progress and Product Presentation

Arm concept progress.

I made the arm material less rough, however at this stage I'm skeptical on my decision- as the the current sleek design doesn't reflect well to the customer base it's appealing towards. I will need to refine the material over the weekend.

Also, quick product presentation demonstration/experimentation.

Minor issues occur. for example- particles emitted from the model need to be presented more pleasingly.

In the end this will be coupled with overlaying graphics covering the product info and HSC branding. As well as advertisements

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Minor: Narration Change

Some feedback from the Interm Crit included criticism of the narration.

As the audience is not based towards criminals any more there's no need in keeping a hard-selling cockney narrator for the audience to relate well to.

The change is to swap the narration from a hard-selling male to a soft-spoken female accent. The sinister undertones of the animation will be more subtle but far more effective with this change.

I've narrowed down a few more voiceover options this time. Ranging from narrators who emulate 1930 accents, to M&S Food Adverts, to ITV.

Caren James

Gina Mellotte

Laura Howarth

Laura Shavin

Posy Brewer

Rebecca Gethings

Vicky Watt

Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday, 2 November 2012

@Nat: Sound embedding

The "" part of the code is where the music is linked

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Minor: Arm Concept Explanation

The bionic arm is a replacement or an upgrade to the customer. In order for the arm to be installed, an arm must be cut off. If the customer has only one arm, skipping this step is advised.

The reason for drawing out the skeletal, muscle and skin layers of a human arm was to help me understand the way it functions. This in turn helps me understand and explain the bionic arm product better. For example- its prerequisites, how the replacement arm connects to the rest of the body, and how similar it will function to human anatomy.

The bionic arm connects directly into the bone via the "Emulated" Humerus -> "Real" Scapula. The bionic arm also attaches to its muscle and skin layers for extra integrity.

The wrist has a proprietary port (along with support holes) for extra attachments, a bionic hand attachment is usually in-demand but there are other attachments for more situational scenarios.

For example Whisks..



I won't mention much of it's technical details within the narrator's script but it's still worth making sure the how the product can potentially function in the real-world.