Thursday, 30 September 2010

Maya Dice

Very first time using Maya... What a lovely day.

So, after playing around with maya, following tutorials, and three attempts creating a dice (Maya crashed the first time, Materials refused to assign to the model the second time, Light source decided to spaz out the entire program and corrupt my scene on the third) I ended up with this piece of junk.

I'm proud I actually managed to get the damn tools to do what I intended to do 18 hours ago, but as a final piece I'm not happy with it- Mainly because the whole scene is too damn dark, looks too...smooth, and the dots just look odd, I don't know if it's because the white parts of the texture map are too small or because the models' smoothness makes it look odd or...Anyway.

Later today I'll edit the scene and put in better textures for the dice and mat, and a brighter light source to make it look a tad more atttractive. I used maya 2011 to make the dice so I can't do anything while I'm still here in uni

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