Tuesday, 26 October 2010

So I had spaghetti for dinner and...

I've finally gotten time to update this blog and open my folder. It turned out to be...

*Drum Roll*

Never heard of it..

The Time Machine. By H.G Wellsm is a science fiction book, first published in 1895, during the years where Science was the big thing- Darwin published the Origin of Species, Thomas Edison was busy creating the lightbulb, and Mark Twain was in his prime.

The Time Machine got made into three films- one in 1960, one in 2002, and a television film in 1978. I'll aim to grab and watch these when I have time.

Because I stupidly started writing this a little too late, I need to do a few things..


  • Follow everyones' blogs (Done!)
  • Make a template for this blog because my god is it atrocious to look at right now
  • Review The Cabinet of Dr Caligari
  • Watch Metropolis
  • Review Metropolis
  • Put up the Life Drawing from today


  1. "So I had spaghetti for dinner..." Haha. You and I are going to get on just fine - cheeky git :-) Never heard of The Time Machine? Gosh - well, the early film version is rather wonderful, the 2002 version was shite! H.G. Wells also wrote War of the Worlds... he was a bit of genius really, considering all that he was able to imagine. Looking forward to those reviews. Metropolis is epic, no?

  2. Hi Ryan

    There seems to be some tutorials missing from your blog despite there being post titles for them? Is this correct?