Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Transcription: Idea Two - Music to Music Video

Just to throw a bit of variety into the mix, this idea stems from the last few days of thought.

Idea Two:
Music to Music Video
A choreograph of a dance, music video, creating a character and stage, and animating that character performing to the song.
Gorillaz-On Melancholy Hill @ 1:30
Michael Jackson - Beat it @(3:24)


After talking to Alan today, the reason this idea was stemed was due to my lack of inspiration or will to push forward with the alternate future Tower of Babel idea. it's too uninteresting to work on for a full ten weeks.

I was given a few options towards how to approach transcribing 'Music to Music Video'. For example- A full blown music video, an animated short, a parody. As well as examples of the character, dancing houses, a demonstration like Napoleon Dynamite, a cockroach version of Michael Jackson. a character vibing with another character - a la Tom & Jerry:

or Daffy Duck and Donald Duck

This would involve modelling and rigging one or possibly two characters, as well as creating an environment-black screen or a full blown street.

I would need to also consider that I can only use a segment if I add it to my demo reel, as the music will most likely be copyrighted.

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