Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Major: Update 14/04-21/04

Worked on debugging/cleaning the code:

-Researched and made efforts to have the Kinect automatically detect user position without needing to do the calibration pose
-Removed the image jitter by dampening the rotation and transform values of the user that the Kinect gives out.
-Removed the huge sway when the user rotates their body left and right and instead replaced it with the camera kept at a single rotation with only transformations happening. - Therefore when you move around the area, the proper illusion is seen.

Cleaned up my general creative pipeline/workflow for this specific project. - now smarter, faster and easier.

-Optimised the pipeline to allow easier transition from my current toolset to surface projection.
-More Portability, any demonstrations I set up can be easily manipulated to adjust the angle of projection.

Currently need to: Finish Reading up on the history of Trompe L'Oeil some more.
Finish Reading up on the DLSR low-light recording functions properly.
Sort out delay in image
Finish experimenting with animating textures to models

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