Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Research - Lion Tamer: Sergio Alexander Ravozket

Final Biography:
" Sergio Alexander Ravozket, a legendary giant from the wintery depths of Eastern Russia known nation-wide for his lion taming abilities (Wild lions aren’t exactly native to Russia, so it’s not really a big deal). Although now living alone, he was born from a large family of animal trainers, particularly bear-trainers; Sergio has an evidently enormous muscular appearance, but bigger heart due to his love for his teddy bear named ‘Lucky’. However he has a lowly attitude of real animals (taking a likeness to calling them weak, puny or small), he speaks broken English and has dreams of going to Northern America to live “The American Dream”. "

I wanted something more then just a strong willed and courageous Lion-Tamer. As I progressed into watching more and more cinema I have been noticing that typically Russian actors or Russian characters to be more precise, struggle to overcome the shadow of the Great Soviet Mother Russia heavyweight stereotypes. At one point I moved further into more muscular and ferocious characters such as 'Tank' from Valve's 'Left 4 Dead' series due to his destructive vibe. However my character is a lion tamer, so he must need to be somewhat "tame" himself if he is to tame animals.

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