Thursday, 17 February 2011

Week 18 Life Drawing

This week life drawing was again focused towards the drawing of movement in models. The emphasis was to create a sense of exaggeration or amplification on the models body structure.

I did a lot of pages during the movement exercise- the model moved fast and therefore pages were filled pretty easily.

It's a shame Scribd doesn't have the option to add manual captions to different pages afterwards, least as far as I've seen.


  1. Some really lovely stuff here - I especially love all the movement work - it bodes well for your storyboards etc. :)

  2. Hi,

    I know you're horribly busy, but I'm just prompting you to complete the Student Survey 2011 - see link below! Many thanks!

  3. Hey Ryan - I'm worrying about you a bit - do I need to? Please let me know that you're doing fine and all is well.