Sunday, 3 April 2011

Must Remember.

When I did the timetable a few weeks ago I seriously underestimated the amount of paper I will need to be using in order to hit the assessment criteria. 60 frames for a 60 second animation doesn't seem like the best idea in order to hit that criteria.

At the moment the plan is to get everything outstanding out the way this weekend so:-
A) I can dedicate the next 4 days towards strictly drawing.
B) I've got a clear and concise idea of what I need to draw.
C) Don't have anything that could potentially hold me back on all counts.

I'm aiming to get 15 Frames Per Second, for 60 Seconds, and 900 frames in total.

3 Acts
20 seconds an act
300 frames each act


225 frames a day

225 Monday
450 Tuesday
675 Wednesday
900 Thursday

If time allows, i.e if I can complete the 900 before Thursday, I'm hoping to implement colours and tone. But, main priority is to demonstrate an understanding of the principles of animation.

Just so I'm reminded:

A1 To explore the representation of movement for animation.
A2 To develop the ability to apply the principles of animation to original narratives.
A3 To develop the ability to use software applications in order to create animation.
A4 To consider animation from historical, cultural and contemporary perspectives.
A5 To strengthen approaches to research in the support of conceptual ideas.
A6 To develop project management skills.
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this unit you will be able to demonstrate:
LO1 Knowledge and understanding of the principles of animation and the ability to
employ them within a narrative context.
LO2 Developing skills required to employ software packages in the production of
LO3 Emerging research methods employed in support of concept development
LO4 Formative project management.

Knowledge of Contexts, Concepts, Technologies, Processes
(LO1) Growing contextual knowledge and critical understanding of the principles of
animation as employed in time-based narratives

Understanding the Application of Knowledge
(LO2) Developing skills in the use of software packages to produce animation.
(LO3) Developing research methods to support and evolve conceptual ideas.

Application of Technical Professional Skills
(LO4) Growing management skills and professionalism

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