Monday, 9 May 2011

3D Visual Experiments

Idea Numero Uno:

Characters and Environment are Two-Dimensional Planes within a Three-Dimensional Space/Environment. Think Punch and Judy, or a familiar Borderlands Advert

Advantages of this are that it's creating a nice 3d spacing to work with whilst retaining the strengths of a 2d environment.
Disadvantages are the effort in method used to create the style approach of each individual object. i.e Blood Vessels, The Title Logo, etc.

Idea Numero Dos:

Characters remain Two-Dimensional planes. Background becomes a three-dimensional space.

Advantages are that I can work in immense three-dimensional detail within each individual aspect which composes the Mise-en-scène of my animation. I.e: Composition, Sets, Props, and Lighting
Disadvantages are that this may take more time in creation of the individual environments. Essencially it's a bigger risk for a potentially bigger reward.

Idea Numero Tres:
Characters are now Two-Dimensional Planes, Background becomes a Two-Dimensional Space

Techically, a Flat Environment. However, with an approach that gives it a sense of depth, thereby drawing focus towards the Pathogen Characters.

Advantage for this is that I may be able to create a more stylised approach.

Disadvantages for this is that I will have to produce the world within that plane, in the case of changing major or minor things, the entire texture will need to be replaced.

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  1. Hey Ryan,

    Such a strong idea - and I'm loving these experiments, and I'm pleased you're investigating innovative ways to bring your animation to fruition. Effortlessly charming.