Saturday, 21 May 2011


Right now the animation is progressing smoothly and steadily. At the moment the majority is finished, with Act 2 as the only remaining part to be fully complete.

The art-style right now has pushed from a generic 'very stylised' into a cardboard theatre production, similar to a diorama.

Few major things that one still needs to do:-
- Find a voice actor, preferably one much like Colonel Hathi. Qualifies as urgent now.
- Post-Production in After Effects
- Create an Art-Of Publication
- Create the Presentation for Friday

Furthermore, overall there are a few things I need to do that qualify as major refinement:-
- Remodelling the General on both models to give him a more attractive figure.
- Finding out a way to make the "Walk-In" general not clip into the door when the scene shakes.
- Make the 'Blood-Vessel' Box look more cardboardy
- Finding a way to create a consistency with characters interactions. For example the Pathogens being eaten by the Phagocytes
- General polish of animation overall.
- General timing within the animation overall

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