Saturday, 21 January 2012

Narrative: Post-Production Work.

Warning: very heavy use of Youtube embed links.

Outro Title Logo Shot- Adapted from the Final Logo we all agreed on. Every circle is on a different layer, masks was used along with different anchor points to try and keep the distance between them as consistent as possible as they turn.

Spinning Studio Logo - Adapted from our Final Studio Logo. Imported into Maya from illustrator paths > nurbs > polys. Used for the Outro for Glass Key Studios and at various small parts in the UI. Ignore the Music.

User Interface designs- Adapted from the UI Concept art created, Parts that were added were the Login Screen (Start, only on UI One), The Concentric Circes (Plot Device) Stock Ticker (Bottom), Live TV (Top Right), and Folders (Bottom) Originally there were supposed to be four. One for the Victim for her "Evolved" technology. Two to act as computer screens for the Detective's Office, and one for the Generic Character Shots.
The first two designs took some time before they were complete, because they were not shown for long and were quite small within our shots. Only these two were made and used for all shots:

Office Shot with UI - One of Alex's Shots, three of the interfaces were shown, As well as trying to keep them all consistent with the camera tilt. Masking was used to make sure the detective's face and jacket was not covered by the UI.

Car Interior Shot- Alex placed and animated the Detective driving the car amazingly well. This was much easier then Old New York as they were images with an alpha channel as opposed to a render. I interpreted how the car would move and used that as a basis of how New New York would look in the background, a horizontal animated motion blur for New New York was used for this reason.

Station Sequence - One of Paul's Shots.
I modified Alex's model and created a variety of different "generic" models to work with, whilst Paul did the station background, after feedback between the three of us Paul finished this up with some amazing lighting to silhouette the characters and I worked on adding in the interface for each one of them.
With the post production work, I had to individually add each UI to their face and tilt it in the three dimensions as the camera tilts down. Every one except from the front UI's had to be masked. I also added a variation in the time they turn on, so some of the people's interfaces are slightly offset from each other

Old Broadway- Main things that were used were colour correction, masking and blur to add depth. Paul sent me a render of his New New York model animated, and it was placed behind the scene. As this was done as I already rendered it out in Premiere, therefore, manual masking was used to cover the black background. A lens blur was also put in with the mask to add depth, as New New York and the buildings at the far back of Old New York was looking very sharp

If you haven't yet seen Glass Key Studios' (Paul, Alex and Myself) final animation: The Skeleton Key on Broadway, you can find it Here in beautiful 720p HD

An official post of the final animation will be up soon here after I post the rest of the development work.

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