Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Transcription: Project Start

This study unit aims to

A1: Promote critical and creative skills required to transcribe ‘narratives’ from analogue
to digital environments

A2: Consolidate and extend creative challenges that demand independent research and

A3: Refine and enhance conceptual and analytical skill

A4: develop and exploit creatively the synthesis of software packages

A5: develop complex creative methodologies for the production of sophisticated Communication

Learning Outcomes

LO1: Contextual and theoretical understanding of transcription within media contexts

LO2: Ability to develop successfully a communication strategy for a specified context
and audience.

LO3: Develop an independent approach to creative methodology

LO4: Advanced technical proficiency in the creative application and synthesis of
software ware

LO5: Developing ability to explore, define, articulate and independently manage a
project brief,

Task: You are commissioned to create a transcribed piece or work of your choice,
transforming an abstract source into a visual form

The outcome for the project will vary depending upon the type of work chosen, however
the piece should be of an appropriate length (1 – 3 minutes)

Usually I write these at the start of each project just as to go back to constantly or if I believe I am drifting away from the Brief.

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