Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Uncanny Environment and Initial Influence Map

Coupled with tableau vivant. An "Uncanny" environment is a difficult concept to get my head planted on.

It's become apparent that the 'uncanny' constantly has me straying away from looking at environment and going into looking at people. It's probably because the distortion of ourselves is much easier to show then the distortion of the environment we're placed in.

The Freudian concept of uncanny is an instance where something can be familiar, yet unsettling at the same time. 'the fundamental propensity of the familiar
to turn on its owners'

However, the uncanny environment can be generally defined by the changing of familiar places. It distorts rules that originally creates a sense of security (like a home) into something uncomfortable (a home built over a Native Indian burial ground).

The way in which this unit is perceived to me is that the concept must be familiar and yet unsettling. The frustrating part is the atmosphere in which to create this idea is limited to our visual perception. (films use sound and sight; video games use sound, sight and can use touch; real life uses sound, sight, touch, smell and taste)

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