Monday, 13 December 2010

Thumbnails - Numero Uno

Right now I'm looking into generic environments that are well known and create a sense of familiarity.
As I progress through the weeks I will aim to go more in-depth with certain ideas, to a point where I pick one and vary the scene out in terms of Mise-en-scène, changing the way it can be percieved as well as generally looking into a way, or variety of ways to make the familiar environment twisted and somewhat unsettling.

I'm placing a certain emphasis on perspective and lighting right now as I'm experimenting with ideas of what angle the audience views the environment, as well as experiment ways in which I can get the audience to focus on a particular area, and hopefully lead the their eyes around the scene. I'll talk more in-depth with this in the coming weeks when I have a solid idea of what I want.

Thanks to Leo for Scribd



  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Ryan - Scribd! I had a suspicion you'd take to it in terms of lending additional professionalism to proceedings. You're obviously still filtering ideas etc., but I like the spare aesthetic of your thumbnails - and the nascent surrealism of this very first thumbnail. The stuff about the 4th wall is interesting too - the idea of an image that thereby 'fronts up' to the audience - rather like those creepy portraits, I suppose, where the eyes appear to follow you around the room. I still feel the need to pick you up on the frequency of your posts - simply because there's something intermittent about your engagement with it, and I think you could gain more from a 'little and often' approach.

    You know, there was something a bit 'odd' about your Sphinx Time Machine scene - it had a de Chirico quality - an emptiness; I get that feeling from some of your thumbnails too - a silence and purposefully 'artificial' staging. I wonder if this might be something you might further embrace; take a look at Magritte too alongside de Chirico - he too has that spare, almost 'hyperreal' element:

    Regarding your Unit 3 Essay, check out this link to general guidance notes as posted on the group blog:

  2. ... also, please don't fall behind with your reviews or your Maya - let's see you accomplish a properly representative overall percentage this time, okay?