Thursday, 9 December 2010

Supporting Research - Max Payne

Max Payne is a BAFTA Award winning third person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment, who is also well known for producing Alan Wake for the Xbox 360.

The game’s protagonist is the titular Max Payne, a NYPD Officer, turned DEA undercover agent, who is framed for murder and throughout the game, is hunted by the police, the mafia, and a cold-blooded corporation known as Aesir.

The game’s story is told through the protagonist’s view in an artistic narrative, utilising panels in the style of a graphic novel to take place of cutscenes, with the narrator being Max.

The reason why I chose to use this game as supporting research for my creative assignment is due to its presentation of environment. (skip to 2:25)

Moreover, its uncanny twist to the same environment the player goes through later down in the game's story.

My aim will be to create an atmosphere similar to the games. As a result of this, I may look further into Film Noir and Graphic Novels, two aspects which inspired the game's development.
I will be utilising elements from this game much further when I start developing my creative project.

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