Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Transcription: Modelling Update 5 - Tower, Trees and Dynamics

Tower is almost complete with the only remaining part being the insides of insides of the tower, to be completed alongside the temples insides. Also almost complete is the Statue of Marduk which will be placed in the centre of the Kigalla and connected to the tower.

The starting stages of vegetation have also been placed - Dotting palm trees and bushes throughout the courtyards and Kigalla. At the moment the tree's base looks odd rooted to the ceramic flooring, so pots will be added soon in the Great Courtyard.
I'm also doing experimentation with adding vegetation coming down from the buildings, in order to add some variation to the very stone-like exteriors.

Finally there's the dynamics- I've started on water for the fountains, and fire with smoke for the Torches.

By tonight the vegetation will be finished and I'll be ready to prep all the required lights, cameras and passes for rendering tomorrow.

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