Sunday, 15 April 2012

Transcription: Modelling Update 7

At this point in time all the essentials are finished. I'd honestly like to do more with the foliage and flooring, (especially the sand dunes) but time is running out and I need to prioritise/sacrifice.

Got a backdrop with a matte painting behind it, colour correction, torch lights, and Physical sky sunset lighting + camera movements + 3 minutes worth of raw footage of it batch rendering over the weekend. I'm going to take as much as I can of the footage that's good and couple it with transitions for a 1-2 minute film.

For now, here's a playblast of the raw camera footage.

Bad news - Particles unfortunately fail to render. I'd like to find out why and fix it, but again time is a big factor now and there's too many reasons why it could to go through. Instead I'll be re-doing them, rendering them on another layer on Monday, and place it in during post-production with what I already have.

Also worth noting clouds + dust particles were going to be added to the scene too add more moving elements, but for the time it took to render and how unconvincing they looked, both were cut. The walkthrough was also going to be a lot less static with the buildings, i.e. buildings, pillars, and such were going to rise from the ground in wireframe and transition into the full render as the camera focuses on it- Again cut because lack of time unfortunately.

For the weekend I'm going to prep the sound, create the interior for the Tower, and generic interiors for the temples and render seperate shots for them on monday.


  1. love the ambition of this project, Ryan - best of luck for the final push!