Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Work Experience: Diary - BA Briefing + Pink Project

BA is an an Animation and Live Events company that creates visual effects work for VJing, Live-Events Production, and Moving Image for established and new clientèle. A more detailed profile of BA will be looked at in later post.

As part of an NDA, this particular project I will be undertaking as part of work experience for BA will be under an alias entitled 'The Pink Project'.

My initial idea for the Pink Project is to experiment further within Maya's dynamics and use After Effects/Photoshop as complimentary elements as I develop those ideas. I'll also be researching as much as I can on the subject of cabaret and base influence maps before I start playing within the wide field of dynamics.

At this stage it's pure experimentation. As well as posting progress on here, I'll be spit-balling the best of ideas back and forth with the client to focus on the most successful compositions and/or ones that have potential to be developed further via e-mail.

As this is a tight work schedule, I'm going to work towards my strengths as extensively as I can.

Some initial inspiration:

Update 28th April: Renamed Name of Client to 'BA' to their request.

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