Friday, 18 May 2012

Pink Project: Fabric

This was a brief third idea which was pitched to the client, but didn't have as much development focus as the Shoe and Diamond were.

Version 1

Pitched to the client who liked it, stating the fabric flows in a really nice way, but asked to leave that for now.

A lot of time passed before I worked on it again. After finishing up on the Shoe and Diamond I went back to the fabric segment. As the client had stated if I can get them the fabric by tomorrow morning that would be ace.

Version 2- No Loop

I managed to get a better version of the fabric going complete with colour tints of red pink and blue, but I disliked the starting part of the fabric. It also seemed odd as it was the only segment that didn't loop.
Using Maya's trak editor and caching the dynamics, I managed to blend the animation so the fabric starts up already waving and is on a constant loop.

Version 2- Looped Final

Alternatively- Watch in HD on Youtube

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