Friday, 18 May 2012

Pink Project: Diamonds

Using references I created a top and side view of the diamond to model from.

Version 1

Client liked the diamond, but asked for a little more glinting and light, and rotating off-axis so they can see it's top occasionally. Client also suggested if they have three side by side? - but rotating slightly differently.

Was a matter of changing the shader properties slightly and the rotation pivot. Rendered out three separate scenes and combined in After Effects.

Version 2

Client complimented the sequence and asked if they could have it on a black background. As the diamonds had an alpha channel this was easy to add in through After Effects.

Version 3

Client asked for one more change before sending the sequence over, the change was to have the refractions coming through the diamonds to include more black segments. Stating that it will allow them to force more contrast if need be and and add Glints etc. to pick out faces for just a few frames at a time.
Using a levels adjustment layer on top of the three layers, I adjusted the black output so more black could be seen as it rotates. I also made a slight change to the tint of the diamonds using a colour balance layer

Version 4 - Final

Alternatively- Watch in HD on Youtube

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