Friday, 18 May 2012

Pink Project: Glamour Shoe

As part of work experience I've been working on a number of sequences for two separate projects. I strayed away from my initial particles idea due to its loose ties towards the theme of the Pink project, instead looking towards more solid references that relate to the context of the project.

The last few posts are focused on the Pink Project, specifically the summary of the development with the Shoe, Diamonds and Fabric sequences.

Using reference from a very specific source as well as looking into other Burlesque and Bordello-like footwear for secondary reference I modelled a high-heeled shoe and textured using mental ray shaders.

Initial Model

It seemed odd for the shoe to be turning on its own, therefore a turntable was added underneath in order to make it seem as if it was inside a display/show.

In order to get a sparkle, I experimented using normals with a high scaling. The shoe has a colour ramp of red > pink > blue. As well as five spotlights (1 red 2 pink 2 blue) that rotate with it and bounce off the turntable to compliment the shoe.

Version One

The geometry didn't need any more tweaking after this point. I experimented adding more studded jewels using more geometry to make the shoe seem more extravagant, but they seemed to ruin the look.

The client responded back replying that he liked the work, the feedback given at this stage was that the client would like the shoe to have some animated tapping, and more glinted lighting.

Using dynamics and basing off reference of sequinned clothing and footwear, I emitted particles coming off the shoe with a high rate and low lifespan, and a low glow attached to the particles with a light blue tint.

Version Two

Client gave feedback on the animation suggesting the slam down to be quicker than the lift up, but tapping at the same speed so it looks more like a deliberate tap. As well as 30% more sparkles. He also pointed out the shoe also has a bit of a shadow on the right side, and lighting was looking a bit dark in the front

I ramped up the rate of particles, raised the size and very slightly adjusted the lifespan. The offending spotlight on the right side had its intensity raised and its dropoff lowered to give it a less sharp cone of light. I also added one more spotlight to the front of the shoe to even out the spread.
As a pre-caution, Within After Effects I created a sprite that was keyed in each frame over the current particles to slightly enhance the sparkle but more importantly make it easier to adjust the intensity of the sparkles- this way if the client requested the sparkles to be brighter, I could adjust it quickly in after effects rather then render the scene once more in Maya.

Version Three-Final

Alternatively- Watch in HD on Youtube


  1. This just made me grin, Ryan - a big. fuck-off glittery shoe doing foot-taps... couldn't get any further from the Tower of Babel, right? :)

  2. The renders are nice, and it's well textured. I can't shake the fact that the front feels very square, and i'm not sure you'd even be able to wear them with such a vertical incline.