Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Minor: Narrator Style

While I'm still brainstorming ideas for the products. I'm also looking into a verbal style to narrate my satirical animation.
It started off with the typical QVC-like narrator and developed into Mafia-like stereotypes (Ping, Pow, Boom.) for further character. From there I've talked to others, expanded my ideas and got a few styles narrowed-down.

The first idea is drawn from Robocop's (1987) collection of adverts or the more obvious patriotic theme of Starship Troopers (1997). The idea coming from very upbeat narrator within a slightly sinister context.

The second idea takes inspiration from Guy Richies' film character personalities, specifically from Bacon (Lock Stock). I'm leaning more toward this idea due to how colourful/playful I can make the script.

Also special thanks to Daniel for reminding me of the Robocop adverts and helping expand/understand some of the underlying technology a little more.

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