Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Minor: Product Ideas

I've lost a bit of momentum in this project from some outside occurrences so trying to pick where I left off is slightly struggled.

Products imagined are directed towards a working class demographic, this is pushed foremost with the products intended use coupled with a voice-over that the demographic would relate best to.

Product ideas narrowed down:

Tailored Drugs - Increases Co-ordination/Strength/Dexterity for a limited time (Underlying tone of losing Nature/Nurture - Psychological)

Tailored Limbs - Arms with array of attachments for purpose (Underlying tone of losing Humanity - Physical)

Wearable Devices - Augmented Reality and/or control of specific electronics (Underlying tone of losing Reality - World)

The products need to be cheap and affordable in order to appeal to the demographic whilst still retaining a sense of a near-future concept.

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