Friday, 5 October 2012

Proposal Update

One's mind has been muddling back and forth conceiving a 100% concrete idea I can put down on paper so after talking with a number of people over the past week here it goes.

The aim is to create a short satirical animation demonstrating current products within a future environment, approximately 1-1:30 minutes long and similar to present-day's QVC shopping channel, Bid-Up TV, etc. The client base will be directed towards a comedic audience within the genre of satire but the main aim is to create and demonstrate various future product designs based on current research.

The products will be fictional but based of current technological advances the world is making today. Current technologies that I've researched include Google's Project Glass, Microsoft's Surface 2.0, Google's Driverless Cars, Nokia's Humanform, IBM's smartphone traffic prediction, Proof-of-Concept android application PlaiceRaider, and leaps motion gesture technology. As well as old iPhone 5 concept videos.

Regarding the style of product or UI designs I am looking at the designs as they are now, as well as implimenting two further people who also worked on Tron Legacy. Jake Sargeant, and Bradley "GMUNK" Munkowitz due to their roles as Graphic Compositors and Animators. As well as also checking out Syd Mead, a visual futurist and concept artist. Perhaps best known for his work in Blade Runner. It's likely I'll dedicate a post towards research of the style of the products may at a later date.


Type: Portfolio
Title: .work | GMUNK
Author: Bradley "GMUNK" Munkowitz

Type: Portfolio
Title: mn8
Author: Jake Sargeant
Link: mn8

Type: Article
Title: Test Driving Google's New Glasses
Author: The Wall Street Journal
Link: Google's Project Glass

Type: Article
Title: How hackers could hijack your camera to spy on you (and even read your chequebook
Author: The Daily Mail
Link: PlaiceRaider - Proof of Concept

Type: Article
Title: Holy Crap, Self-Driving Cars Are Now Legal in California
Author: Gizmodo
Link: Google's Driverless cars legalised in California, USA

Type: Article
Title: IBM app predicts traffic on your commute
Author: Wired Magazine UK
Link: IBM's Smartphone Traffic Prediction

Type: Article
Title: Leap Motion gesture control technology hands-on
Author: Engadget
Link: Leaps motion gesture technology

Type: Video
Title: Nokia Research Center: HumanForm
Author: Nokia
Link: Nokia Humanform

Type: Video
Title: Microsoft Surface 2
Author: Giiks
Link: Microsoft's Surface 2.0

Type: Video
Title: Productivity Future Vision (2011)
Author: Microsoft
Link: Microsoft's Future Vision

Type: Video
Title: iPhone 5 Concept Features
Author: Various
Link: Old iPhone 5 Concepts

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