Friday, 15 February 2013

Major: Narrative Selection

3d Illusion

The most straight-forward method. A traditional narrative or environment showcase will be projected in the illusion of three-dimensions.

Initial Influence:

3d with real life elements
A branch off the 3d illusion. More limited in theme, but a stronger execution of the illusion.

Initial Influence:

Sculpture Mapping
A single real life element that is projected onto.
Dependant on model, can have a strong variety of projections, i.e a human face can be projected in many art-styles / a cat-looking sculpture can have projections that turn it into a cat/panther/tiger/lioness etc.
Will require creating a model from card/paper/3d-printer. Will need to think what the sculpture should be.

Initial Influence:

Music Visualisation
An environment or set of elements that Sync to the music - Why should it be done, How does it differ from normal visualisers. What will the end product be.

Initial Influence:

Interactive Environment
Environment created with a camera for the viewer to dynamically alter or interact with the scene. Will need to think about how one can interact with it, how interactive should it be, How much time will it allocate to implement.

Initial Influences:

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