Friday, 8 February 2013

Major: Revised Proposal.

Whilst still thinking about environment with a narrative, I've been experimenting with the idea of translating imagery onto real world objects, starting with crude paper-made cubes that have looping animations projected on its faces.

The animations are from searching "animated gifs" in Google
The software used to skew the images is LPMT

The revised proposal is to try and translate an environment that doesn't limit itself to be displayed on a monitor, rather pushes itself out into the real world.

Projected out of the box or monitor (A sort-of play on 'Thinking out of the Box'), The objects (Boxes as place-holders- but may develop into something with more complicated geometry) acts as real-life elements to a virtual environment.


Update 8th February: Initial Inspiration.


  1. This sounds very exciting, Ryan - and you absolutely need to hook up with Tom Beg, because he's experienced in terms of projection and mapping surfaces for projection. Have a chat with him.