Saturday, 9 February 2013

Major: Pipeline and Further Experiments

The pipeline for this is going to be trickier, adding in the current CG pipeline in addition to:

-Use of a projector.
-Camera for recording.
-Sufficient distance between the projector and space for projection dimensions
-Mapping for the surface
-Distorting the images
-Compensating for loss of quality/sharpness for areas that are "stretched"
-Keeping the animation in sync (if I don't choose to instead create them all on one plane as opposed to multiple planes)

Regarding software tools- Experimenting with current Projection Mapping tools have been messy, so anything further will be easier if simply developed from After Effects and Photoshop

Experimenting with more complicated geometry


  1. I used Photoshop and After Effects for all my projection in my MA project. I didn't really find a need to use more specialised software.

    1. Ah awesome, thanks for the insight Tom.

      Yeah agreed, I'm finding it much quicker and less messier to simply use After Effects and Photoshop after experimenting with a bunch of projection tools.

      The only issue I've run into really is problems with image distortion which is degrading quality- due to the projection being at an angle to cover XYZ as opposed to XZ (if that makes sense?) Did you run into this problem?

  2. Yes - you'll always get a reduction in image quality because you're stretching the fixed pixels of the projector. You can only really reduce this by coming to a compromise. Finding the best angle for the projector for what you want to show, and then distorting the projected image coming from the projector in PS or AE to match the peculiar angle. This is the limitation of using a single projector. Multiple projectors at different angles on the other hand :)...

    1. Ahha if only.. Happen to have a spare projector just lying around Tom/Phil/Alan? ;D

      Seems then I'll need to take in consideration of limiting the audience to a certain viewing angle if I were to proceed with one projector.

      Many thanks Tom.

  3. Oh wow indeed, Ryan - VERY exciting. Come and see me for a chat, I'd like to hear all about it:)