Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Narrative: Detective Turnaround Final Development

We pushed forward with the Original Detective Concept.

The suit was fine with the original turnaround, but the facial study was wrong on many levels.

Went back to the initial sketches and the initial inspirations, as well as the inspirations for faces Alan suggested (Kryten from Red Dwarf and Vinnie from Spaceballs), and pushed out a different look

It was again wrong, as now he looked less attractive and more "mousey"

Went all the way back to my original sketch and worked over those, making them a lot more softer and rounded.

It was suggested that the hat was redone and that he be given some facial hair. Looking at Gaff from Blade Runner for inspiration

After numerous variations the pencil moustache and goatee point-up worked best.


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