Thursday, 29 December 2011

Narrative: WIP - Car Modelling

Happy Holidays.

Just an update to show what I've been working on.

For the following scenes

Car work in progress

96ish hours in. Custom Model developed drastically from the initial car design (After feedback the back was too exaggerated and the 'snub-nose' front made it look like a cartoon) and drawing further inspiration from modern design and the designs of 1930's cars, specifically:
-1932 Ford Coupe
-1927 Coupe Napoleon
-1931 Mercedes-Benz 710
-1938 Talbot Lago

Still a lot to go.
-Fix Seams/Irregularities
-Extrude in the Edges that are meant to be separate (Hood.. Boot.. Doors..)
-Finish Front Grill
-Add More Detail into Rear
-Add More Detail into Interior
-Add Placement for Back Lights
-Add Front/Back/Indicator Lights
-Add Interior Back
-Add Emblem/Hood Ornament
-Add More Detail to Interior
-Add Doors
-Add a Roof
-Colour + Texture All
-Probably more fixing after all that.


  1. This is looking fantastic Ryan. Love the blend of styles. The only slight gripe I have are the headrests on the seats. They look a little big and blocky. But other than that it looks brilliant! Looking forward to putting the pieces of the puzzle all together.

    Can you post this on the studio blog?

  2. Cheers for the comment mate I appreciate it, making the amends now. Just posted it onto the group blog.

  3. Thats looking brilliant Ryan!!