Friday, 9 December 2011

Narrative: Victim Turnaround Continued

After talking to a number of people, grabbing as much feedback as I possibly can and taking in a vast range of opinions, I've made a number of changes to the turnaround.

The Body Proportions have changed once again. Domantas, Alex and Paul suggested for the curves to be slightly larger, as well as to make the shoulders less broad in order to make the victim more feminine. The dress has also changed. At the moment it looks like a modest woman from 1950's suburban fashion choice. In a nutshell, it is bland and boring.

Me and Alex went back to the fashion choices I posted up some time ago, and agreed on changing the dress style to a mixture of options 4 and 5. There is a degree of symbolism in the revised dress, with the abdomen to waist area starting to form a Key. She is after all the Skeleton Key.

The face still continues to be problematic- I'm having a hard time grabbing confidence after the disaster with the Detective's face and the CD Unit.

We've changed the hair once more. Instead of tied back Alex had asked her to have more of a hard cut hairstyle similar to 1930's Silent Film Actress Louise Brooks.

Kay helped in pinpointing what was initially wrong with her face, which was through the jaw and eyes -Jaw too low, eyes to small. Whilst Godwin pointed me towards women's jaw and facial shapes which helped a lot. Turns out there are a variety of jaw shapes,

Taking the current face and altering it to fit the hairstyle

Further experiments with the hairstyle and face - went for a blend between number 6 and number 8

Refinement of the turnaround from the side and cleaning up

After talking to Alan later in that day, the approach to the victim is now made much more clearer- There were more problems identified with the Victim, specifically parts of her overall proportions which were wrong. I need to learn to look back at fundamentals and the core of body structure.

The Victim is aimed to have a statue-like appearance. This is simply based down to a number of things; Her figure and facial features are sleek, inspired by the form of stautes. Whilst other parts of her hard cut, such as her hair and parts of her clothing. The way in which this can be illustrated best is through clean cut lines.
Alan also pointed me towards Jessica Rabbit as a prime example of a sleek form. As well as Bob's work with Yuki-Onna

Hopefully these are the last hurdles and I can finalise this tonight along with the Generic Man and Woman Turnarounds.

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