Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Narrative: WIP-Victim Turnaround Development

The past three days straight was spent developing the Victim into a turnaround for Alex to model from.

Started off from the initial Victim concept, it needs to be more stylised so that will be worked into at the same time.

Okay, body sorted. That was easy. I'll clean it up after the face is done.

Took that first concept into a symmetrical face

Alex wanted her hair tied back - Inspirations:

Turning her into a similar structure to fit with the style of the detective's face, as sort of a base to work off - like, chopping off from a block of wood.

Line Art

After talking to Alex, they don't work. Something looks wrong. Did a few more, and they're still having the same problem

Looked at ideal facial proportions, they're fine.

Looked back at Jessica Alba, Cassie, Angelina Jolie and Zoe Saldana

Did more studies with line art

and more, looks like a masculine alien..

and more, masculine aliens with wigs..

Alex, Andriana and Lyn-Dae now tell me she looks like an elf. Bedtime

Gave up trying to approach this facial study from the front, went from the side.

Finally, they look like faces, I'm progressing. Now to see if I can do front studies based off them-


Okay instead I'll take the best side study. The first looks great. I'll focus on translating her into a front study.

I need to go back to Life Drawing classes.

After going back to every reference on head and facial studies I've seen and taking note of their cheek and bone structure, I produce something adequate.

This'll be enough to work from. I refine it, i.e inking whilst trying to line up her aspects with the side view.

Finally, translating her to her body as well as refining the body.

I'd like some feedback cause I'm doubting this could be adequate for a turnaround that I can clean up and call a final.

I'm not sure if I need to re-do the face..again- to me it needs to be more stylised, its still too realistic. and would be completely understood when its time for texturing- making her look sculpted, more like a faded relic/statue of Old New York.


  1. The symmetrical face at the top is pretty, why can't you stick with that?

  2. Alan told us that it's too 'real world' and not the CG stylised versions that it should be.