Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Major: Hardware Update

This is a technical post to document and update my findings in the hardware specifications of my project.

The two projectors will be mounted using professional tripods, angled down to the area. I've only tried one so far and it's a pretty straightforward setup. There are minor issues with cable length and triple-input that will need to be sorted out.

I've loaned out a video camera for recording my progress, although I regard the quality not good enough for submission, (I'd preferably like to have the set up on campus as the submission, but via recording is my failsafe), I'm hoping to get that issue sorted tomorrow.

The canvas area (i.e the area I'm projecting on) is divided into three boards, with the dimensions of 4ft x 7ft. I'm constructing it in the way that will be large enough to stand in- surroundings ones peripheral vision, but also light enough to be a portable set.

My current set- which are 3x canvas (Canvas material stretched over four pieces of wood) are not suitable in regards to size and portability, I'll be trying to instead use an alternative method - three sets of stretched cloth as projection screens, and using plastic piping attached to 90° elbows for the frames. This way when I need to transport it, I can pull apart the piping and roll up the cloth.
Tomorrow will be dedicated to setting that up and seeing how it goes.

With the room, I've determined that with the hardware I'm using, I'll need a room with the approximations of at least 6ft x 8ft x 16ft. I emphasise the approximation of 16ft as I wasn't able to get a room big enough for length just yet- The projector not far enough to give a large enough projection image on the wall.

I'll be checking out the studios on UCA's Maidstone Campus on Thursday to see if their suitable, otherwise ill look into other local areas on Friday.

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