Friday, 29 March 2013

Major: Update 14/03 - 29/03

It's been a very very enduring few weeks but everything's slowly coming together.

I've been in contact with multiple people regarding various things, most of all space to work in, but also other issue regarding Hardware, Software, Cables, Materials... Most of the time has been diverted to getting the frame up, as well as passively but constantly think about the final concept.

In the meantime, some progress shots:

Initial Area - around 2.2' x 1.2'

Initial Area - Mapped

Concept of how it will look

Getting the materials and frame up. and calculating the angles, projection distance, size of projection.

It's loose, so will need to tight-fit the material over the frames

Stitching the material over the frames

It's up! - The material still needs to be taut further over the frames to remove the creases.

The left frame has been taut, creases are more obvious on white

Getting closer. The two large white boards on the floor is the Initial Area's Planes

during getting the frames up I experimented with lining paper... a lot of lining paper. I've got some 4' wide paper ordered as a backup in case of any material tearing

Almost finished. Fine tuning to go- but the area's creases are not shown when projection is up, The box at the bottom is also the first intractable "Box of Curiosities"- Made of wood and canvasThe middle frame also needs to be taut - the creases interfere with the joining of both projector edges, so I'm going to grab some Velcro to tighten and obscure the frames on its sides.

Fantastically, it's as portable as it gets. The frames can be dismantled easily for transport and reassembled again without hassle. and the projectors are simply a case of measurements for correcting the angle and projection throw distance as well as the Kinect project code.

But, there's still a lot of work to go - concept is my biggest priority at this stage. I'm aiming to put out a video demonstration of the area and how it can be interacted with in the next couple of days.

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