Thursday, 14 March 2013

Major: Technical Concepts

I'm going through all the my 'For the future' bullet-points from the interim-presentation like a check-list, at this stage I'm currently focusing on the clarification and refinement of concept and physical requirements.

I have a few concepts lined up but in terms of technical execution simplicity is the main goal.

For the technical execution. I'm sticking to the idea that one can touch a surface in order to generate something.

I can't consider the physical area concept final yet, as it will dependent on the space I can work with (working on securing that hopefully by the end of the week)-However, saying that, I'm preferable towards a wide angled area, as one's peripheral vision will be better.

In regards to hardware:

Idea is to extend the projection area to 2560x720, covering the walls three sides and floor.

Next step is narrative concepts.

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