Friday, 1 March 2013

Major: Update 22/02 - 01/03

I'm stuck somewhere within the realisation that I have a technical position down with no clear specific context. This is alarming (bordering on decadence).

Here's what I have so far:

  • The method is through projection mapping coupled with dynamics of human interaction
  • The research has been through the use of book internet and film
  • The experiments have been conducted somewhat extensively, specifically through from concept to form, and through use of trial and error
  • The creative understanding has been through learning various code, creating concepts, dissecting other project samples, numerous trial and error experiments as well as most recently researching the history and methodologies of pseudo-3D (specifically trompe l'oeil)
  • I've investigated what the potential can be in creating pseudo-3D visuals as well as interaction
  • I've reflected on the limitations this can provide in terms of an experience
  • I've also reflected on the limitations and outcomes I can potentially provide in terms of an experience through these methodologists based upon my current research and experiments

The context of the project is to create an experience through the users' interaction with the subject, enabling a dynamic audiovisual installation


  1. Hey Ryan - further to my gentle persuasion re. seeking your involvement in the Live Project Speed Paint Challenge - see link below:

    You'll get a dropbox invite emailed to you...

    So - how did you get on with the legacy of 'tricking the eye' etc?

    1. I'll be dedicating a post to it over the weekend, it's quite a bit to take in. But it was exactly what I needed.

      The book I took out in the end was 'The Eye Deceived' , interestingly it cited 'The Holy Trinity' (1427) by Masaccio - I talked a bit about this in my dissertation in relation to how it's perspective tricks the mind into fooling that it's like a hole in the wall. But relating back to Trompe L'oeil, it's seems to just be scratching the surface of its legacy.

      Alan also suggested Wunderkammer today in regards to context of interaction so I'm also going to be looking into that.