Thursday, 24 March 2011

Influence - No TV and No Beer

I wanted to showcase this particular scene as an influence due to the way misc-en-scene helps in creating such an excellent and classic scene within The Simpsons.

Fade directly into an establishing shot, the scene is very open with the only light colours being used are for Marge, and the desk centred in the middle.

At a low angle shot, framing is now positioned with Marge coming into the frame and the typewriter directly in the middle just in front of the camera. Cleverly, the walls are directly behind which one will be looking into more detail later on.

Within this segment, the camera zooms into the typewriter

Cuts are made back and forth with the two aforementioned shots, this is to cut in seeing Marge's reaction in the next segment.

Bang. The lighting is an excellent tool here for two reasons. One, the lightly obviously shows the writing on the wall, upping the tension. Two, the lighting is a result from lightning outside, upping the tension further, as well as establishing sound and a mood for the rest of the scene.

This next segment is simply to showcase the writing on the walls all around the stage design. Done through rotating the camera at a 360 rotation around Marge. This helps emphasise the loss-of-mind for Homer and having the audience feel somewhat of a claustrophobic atmosphere, the ceilings seem very low for some reason.

Swish! The door swings open suddenly and at an obviously low-angled shot of Homer is seen. The low angle shot is to give a sense of inferiority from the audience, as they are looking up at Homer.

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