Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Unit 5 - Storytelling

Learning Outcomes

LO1) Knowledge and understanding of the principles of animation and the ability to
employ them within a narrative context.
LO2) Developing skills required to employ software packages in the production of
LO3) Emerging research methods employed in support of concept development
LO4) Formative project management.

From the Brief:

In response to the two story components given to you at the time of briefing, you are
asked to write, pre-produce, produce and post-produce an original one minute
drawn 2D animation.

Assessment Requirements

60% LO1 LO4
Your Creative Design Project is to be submitted in two parts:

1) Your final animation.
2) An ‘Art Of’ publication, to include:
a) Final character design(s) (character sheets)
b) Walk-Cycle Sheets
c) Final presentation

40% LO2 LO3
Your blog must include:

1) Your final one minute animation.
2) Your ‘Art Of’ publication (as Scribd Presentation)4
3) Final Character(s) design.
4) Final Storyboard.
5) Final Script.
6) Draft scripts/story development – to include:
a) The Development (with your writing partner)
b) The Treatment
c) The Step Outline
d) The Premise
e) The Logline
7) Supporting artwork for character(s).
8) Influence maps for characters(s)
9) Supporting research for story/character/animation.
10) Supporting research for written assignment.
11) Your film reviews for the ‘Animation Theatre’ series.
12) ‘From Muybridge to Avatar’ – an ‘Illustrated history of animation’ timeline.
13) Life Drawing.
14) Your submission disc artwork/branding.
15) All animation exercises as specified in technical classes.
16) All Maya exercises as specified in technical classes

My animation title is:

The Maniacal Stapler.

A Stapler is a mechanical device that is generally used to combine multiple papers by driving a metal staple through the sheets and then folding the ends of the staple. It's used particularly in offices and schools.

A few ideas had sprung to me in regards to this particular concept. Katy (writing partner) had suggested to me the idea of the stapler running wild in an office environment, stapling hands to desk and papers to heads.

Some other idea's I've thought about have been to maybe push the concept of the stapler into a form of symbolism.

Maybe the stapler isn't Just a stapler, maybe it represents a higher purpose or figure. Hell, maybe the stapler is God

Characters in animation can have physical features representing Mice (mickey mouse, mighty mouse), or Rabbits (Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit) but still have human characteristics. Regardless that these particular aforementioned characters have physical characteristics representing animals, why not apply the same to inanimate objects, i.e this stapler?

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