Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Week 22 - Life Drawing: Foreshortening

This week's life drawing was focused on something so special that it deserves to have its own name.


"Definition: Foreshortening occurs when an object appears compressed when seen from a particular viewpoint, and the effect of perspective causes distortion. Foreshortening is a particularly effective artistic device, used to give the impression of three-dimensional volume and create drama in a picture"

I found the session slightly challenging but also pretty fun. Plus I love challenges which is what actually made it partially fun.

(First) Charcoal! I really like the middle part of the first drawing, the face was darkened too much due to trying to add her rosy cheeks, silly me. It's a shame I didn't get the legs or feet in. However, no foreshortening is created.

(Second) Pencil, I'm in love with the hair. Probably because everything else looks unfinished. The aim was to try and push some more of that fancy foreshortening into the drawing, which I tried doing with the hair. I should really spend more time being even in detail rather than focusing on certain areas over others, then working on the emphasis if need be.

(Third)Charcoal, again! The model looks like a lying china doll here.
Slightly more disappointed in this drawing, as I was frustrated from before and still couldn't get the foreshortening right. The aim was also to try and get some emphasis on the feet, and make the character look a lot more lifelike/energetic. However, It turned out very messy early and I was really annoyed by the size of the waist/top of leg.

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