Thursday, 31 March 2011

Life Drawing - Week 24

This week's life drawing was slightly more intense. There was a lot less then usual numbers, which actually helped somewhat as I was able to get a more closer look at the life model, therefore allowing me to get a more detailed look at small parts I can't usually draw from afar (eyelids, tone in-between the nose and mouth, etc). By the end of it my hand was dead.

Like last week, the model was asked to pose interpreting various key-words that are related to one of our projects.

As she was usually posed within a strong light coming directly from the left, I wanted to work strictly in HB and B graphite pencils in order to capture as much shading and texture of the model as possible. Unfortunately, on more then one occasion I ran out of time and hadn't accomplished as much as I would have liked. Despite that I believe I did well in some areas of shading, as well as getting a distinct outline/silhouette with the drawings.
Later on I decided on focusing on specific areas, particularly the head. As I was fascinated at the level of tone and detail within that area. I'm inclined to believe I succeeded at that in two drawings.

Also, happy birthday me

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