Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Week 21 - Life Drawing

This week's Life Drawing session was needed to be done on a single sheet of paper.

I aimed to experiment with different media than I usually do, utilising a Sharpie, HB pencil, and coloured charcoal

(Top Right) Two sketches, with the pencil I forced myself not to ever rub anything out. So if I make a mistake, sucks for me. Mwahaha.
Doing the sketch this way, I would-

Firstly, shave time off allowing me to draw more, rather than waste time rubbing off.
Secondly, I would hopefully find areas that I needed to improve on.

The first drawing was an upper body sketch. Whilst The second is a limb sketch of a leg and foot.

It turns out I went wrong somewhere, as I'm noticing quite a few flaws. For example, her left elbow is pointing inwards, which is impossible (unless she actually is double jointed, which would be coolio), and the right arm is oddly wavy.
With the drawing below that, sketching feet is one of the more difficult parts of the body I find making (Probably because almost always when I draw, I start with the head, so it's either a lack of time to work on the feet, or its no prior experience of working on the feet.) The back of the foot, as well as the ankle, is proportionally wrong. The back of the foot comes out too much to the right. Making it look very big. This could be because of the shading of the bottom of the foot, I guess if I removed that, it could look right.

(Top Middle) A still sketch using a Sharpie (Black Permanent Marker). I cheated a little on this one, I did the sketch quickly in pencil, then went over it with a Sharpie. I wanted a guide (last time I sketched using a sharpie I got everythingggg wrong, nerves!), I also experimented with markmaking and tone, by using cross-hatching for different tones of shade.
I really like this particular drawing technique. It's graphic novel-esque style, particularly Sin City, or 300.

(Middle) Another still sketch using coloured charcoal.
I pushed the boundaries for this one a little, and made a slight mistake. I aimed to create a strong emphasis on tone. Black was to be used for shadow, red for mid-tones, and blue for highlights. Problems that occured:

Charcoal is a very messy material, and creating tones was a cumbersome task
Black blends so well with Red, it is hard to see any detail within the drawing. Let alone a sense of tone.
Red wasn't exactly the best idea for midtone, due to it's dark tone here.
Blue wasn't exactly the best idea for highlights, due to its ever darker tone.
Red and Blue contrasts. So the emphasis of tone is not really seen.

Nonetheless, it was an interesting experiment. I managed to make her look somewhat fleshy with veins popping out (Paul noticed this, and now I can't get that image out of my head!) in this case. Not entirely disappointed in the outcome

A motion sketch. The model did a series of key poses, turning and waving her arms around, and putting herself on a pedestal/step.
There's not much to say about this one, I added arrows as a sort of directional pathway as to what is happening in-between the key poses. Kinda like a storyboard character's direction without the framing.

(Middle - Top Left) The last phase was having the model step up and step down from a step as she picks up a bucket, I was able to quickly sketch out each of the postures and hopefully get a sense of motion looking sequentially from one sketch to the next.

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