Sunday, 13 November 2011

Character Design: Back to Basics

This is the most unusually stressful unit I've had to deal with. Then again this is so far out of my comfort zone it's probably good for me, and I'm learning a lot.

Over the past week, I've had problems with creating bodies to fit onto the heads. The design and shape of the characters heads is exaggerated. However, when taking that same approach to the character's bodies, the head is either out of place or the overall body shape does not look right.

The hero is a whole other story, The head designs I've created I'm still not satisfied with to call a final. it is hard to create a character that embodies the personality of a hero whist making him unique, whilst keeping to a square structure.

So I'm going into overdrive. Pow.

Phil suggested I go to the extremes with the basic shapes, in particular with the hero - taking characters such as Samurai Jack as a prime example or inspiration.

Taking that idea of shape. I've applied that to my characters.

Basic Shapes

Sketched Detail

Clean Cut Silhouette (+ overlaying the current heads for sidekick and villain)

Silhouette with Sketched Detail


Just to clarify, the Sidekick is made of circular shapes, the Villain is made from triangular and squared shapes, and the Hero is simply squared shapes.

I'm somewhat satisfied with the overall shape of the Villain and Sidekick, but the Hero feels odd/out of place. While I look back on the facial studies for the hero, I'll develop the props and clothing for the Sidekick and Villain.


  1. Very strong and punchy Ryan - but Nat's right - your hero does look like Frankenstein's monster - and a bit think/henchmen like to boot. It's in the fact he's got no neck and a completely square head... but this is breakthrough stuff, and your presentation, as per, is a delight! :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'll be experimenting more into the shape of the Hero tonight.