Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Character Design: Villain Clothing Design

From the Character Biographies. Larry “Looney Larry” Napier (The Villain) is defined as a 29 year old Slim-Built male who has a Politician-smart intellect, power-crazy personality and a passion for violence, chaos and destruction, and a Megalomaniac personality to boot. His character design is heavily based of Biker Culture.

For him I looked at biker stereotypes, starting from my character design structure ideas post on Individual Stereotypes of a Biker. From that point I looked more into the stereotypes that I believe work best for my character. Particularly the Tattoos, Bandanas, Black Leather Clothing, Patches, Vomit, and Sunglasses.

With the sidekick, the design is defined of smooth circular shapes. With the Villain, the design is based of Squared and Triangular Shapes, I aimed to push that sharp and jagged parts within the clothing design.

I went to then analyse the parts of clothing for each choice.

Again like the Sidekick, I may either choose one design choice to develop from or mix and match parts of clothing from each design that works most effectively or defines that character best.

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