Saturday, 1 October 2011

Character Design: Structure / Ideas / Concepts

Time-Travelling Biker is an unusual mash up of concepts but I like where I may potentially travel with it. The hardest part of this unit may be the story encompassing the character.

Initial influence maps are the following.

Biker and Time Travel are self-explanatory. However regarding the 80's Cartoon influence map, as this is a reboot, I am to produce a Character Design & Animation Bible which draws influence from 1980's cartoons whilst still adhering to modern day influence.


Individual Stereotypes of a Biker that come to me are:
California, Harley Davidson Motorbikes, Badass, Beards, Booze, Tattoos, Bandanas, Jet Black Hair, Black leather clothing, Clothing patches, Cigars, Sunglasses, Street-Wise, Smug attitude to life, Maybe even a little bit cocky, Smells like vomit, Budweiser and gasoline.

Individual Stereotypes of a Time Traveller that come to me are:
Science! Clocks! Professors, Scientists, Physicists, White lab coats, smoking pipes, patterned swede waistcoats, Beige slacks, polished shoes, thick glasses, white hair, super-geniuses, complicated machines, the past, the present, the future, the unknown, mechanics, gears churning, time ticking, warping, smells like smoke, cheap aftershave.

The two seem somewhat opposite in retrospect.

Real Life Influences: Hells Angels MC and The Outlaws MC
Fictional Influences: Black Rebel MC
Music: For the Cartoons' atmospheric purposes. I want to give the impression that these these characters are badasses.

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