Sunday, 23 October 2011

Narrative: Title, Technology and Fashion Concepts

More Marketing stuff:

WIP - Initial Moving Title Intro Concepts

Just starting it, looking very basic at the moment. But possibly the direction were going for? ideas? feedback?

Also, Variety on Still Title Graphics- For Marketing purposes (Promo Poster, Videos, etc)

Fleshing out our world:

Future Fashion Concepts

For a number of purposes.

Number 1 is the current Detective & Victim clothing. However I would like to throw some variety into the mix just in case. Furthermore, since we will be having civilians walking around the environment within our trailer. Some ideas on variety for their appearance.

Mouseover Images to see Highlights

Tech and Car Concepts

Initial Ideas/Sketches:

Further Vehicle Concepts

As we are to show cars flying around throughout the background of the trailer, the vehicles are not of major importance to dedicate a large amount of resources towards. From the initial sketches, I've cut the ideas down to 3-4 of the best and created silhouettes out of them. Number 1 was the most well received so I made some further progress with it.

Further Tech Concepts for General Public:

Further Tech Concepts for Victim:

The Victim uses a more evolved version of technology than the general public, more powerful, and hidden concealed within her eye. In order to create a distinction between with this and the public technology, basic shape structure of the interface has changed, the general public use a rectangular interface similar to today's computer screens. The victim uses an circular interface which displays real-time information on screen. Also, Instead of red eye vessels shown in the retinas, electronic circuits similar to a PCB Board are shown.

Optic Tech:

When performing code breaking or manipulation, the victim's optic tech works through sequencing: Sectors of information are unlocked one at a time. The victim's graphical user interface displays this through concentric circles, as the sectors are unlocked the assigned ring for that sector will stop at 90 degrees upward.


Eye Locked

Eye Unlocked

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