Friday, 28 October 2011

Narrative: Further Branding

Our studio agreed on a final logo for our latest project 'The Skeleton Key on Broadway'. This was a blend between number 2 and number 3 from the title concepts posted a few days ago.

Direct download links for the logo coming soon for ai and psd formats

This is the final logo we will be using on the rest of our marketing and promotional work in regards to the film.

In other news, I've experimented further into our studio's branding within the motion work.

A draft animation for our Studio's Title Intro:

The logo was created by exporting the paths of our logo from Photoshop and imported into Maya, converted into polygons and then extruded out. However, the logo represented within a 3d space I believe needs some more work.
Right now overall the title sequence is pushing towards a 'computer-interface' theme, obviously taking into influence from the ideas from 'Skeleton Key on Broadway' Project.

Few more variants of the title will maybe shown at a later date.

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