Saturday, 8 October 2011

@Justin- Character Design: Synopsis

Plot Keywords: Tough Guy | Dystopia | Law Enforcement | Time-Travel | Motorcycle Gang | Good Versus Evil | Terrorism | Alternate History

The year is 2180. The place is Los Angeles. The situation: Larry “Looney Larry” Napier (along with his gang of criminals named the Sons of Loki Motorcycle Club) is an evil crime syndicate holding the City within the palm of his hand. With the severely crippled Los Angeles Police Department not able to do anything to stop him, at a last resort, the Police send in a previously-fired but hard-nails Cop Victor “Ironfist” Stormrage to take him down.

Bored with the already chaotic world, Looney Larry steals a prototype time travel device from a scientist named Dr. Nigel Black. Looney Larry travels through time with his goons to cause destruction and rip the world apart. With the help of Dr. Black, Ironfist is sent through time, attempting to correct the course of history and stop Looney Larry once and for all.

Story Timeline: Varies from episode to episode.
Backstory timeline: 2180's Los Angeles, California.

Plot Genre: Animation, Action
Plot Device: Time-travel

Hero: Ironfist
Sidekick: Dr. Nigel Black
Villain: Looney Larry
Villain Organisation: Sons of Loki MC

Despite it being a reboot of an 80's show, the show still draws Inspiration from Various 80's (Give or Take) Culture, in particular:
Miami Vice - General Story Inspiration. Hugely influential in the 80's
Def Leppard (1977) - General Atmosphere Inspiration
Bon Jovi - General Atmosphere Inspiration
Guns N' Roses - General Atmosphere Inspiration
Quantum Leap (1989) - Time Travel plot device inspiration
C.O.P.S. (1988) - Law and Order Theme Inspiration
Mad Max (1979) - Max Rockatansky is Hero's Inspiration
Demolition Man (1993) - John Spartan is Hero's Inspiration
Batman (1989) - Joker (Jack Napier) is Villain's Inspiration.
Back to The Future (1985) - Dr. Emmett Brown is Sidekick's Inspiration
Real Life Gang Outlaws Motorcycle Club (Villain's organized crime syndicate)

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