Saturday, 8 October 2011

@Justin- Character Design: Biographies

Hero: Victor “Ironfist” Stormrage
Allegiance: Ironfist
Personality: Alpha Male, Tough Guy, Dedicated

Influence Map:

Victor “Ironfist” Stormrage is a 32 Year-old, White, 6”4, Muscular-built male with a very high stamina rate and Street-Smart intelligence, Previously a member of the United States 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D) and Sergeant in the Los Angeles Police Department. He has experience in Close-Quarters Combat, Marksmanship and Demolitions. He earned the nickname ‘Ironfist’ after during an operation his right arm was severed, causing military doctors to replace his arm for an augmented metal replacement.
He was Dishonourably-discharged from the Army in 2175 for disobeying orders from an officer to rescue his team from Terrorists inside a Nuclear Plant, causing the deaths of 1 of his teammates and 12 hostages as well his right arm. He was also fired for misconduct from Los Angeles Police Department in 2178 for harassing his superiors for letting go a convicted mob boss who was suspected of causing the deaths of his closest friend.
Despite his not-so-lucky past, he is very dependable person, known for giving results and never losing attention on what he sets his mind to. He proudly lives up to his word and never hesitates to do what he believes is right for everyone.
After a brilliant physicist named Dr. Nigel Black is taken hostage, The LAPD is forced to commission Ironfist to the rescue operation in order to save Dr. Black.
Ironfist manages to save Dr. Black. However the captor uses the prototype device, causing him to go through time. After being explained that this top secret prototype device able to provide the user the ability to travel through time. Ironfist, along with Dr Black, follows the villain through an updated device of their own; in order to find and capture the villain as well as stop the impending chaos he will inevitably create with the world’s history.

Sidekick: Dr. Nigel Black.
Allegiance: Ironfist
Personality: Beta Male, Comic Relief, Genius,

Influence Map:

Dr. Nigel Black is a 45 Year-old, 5”4, White, Chubby-Built male with genius-intellect. He specialises in theoretical physics. Graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2160, He was employed at DARPA in 2165, and has been working on the theory of time-travel for 15 years.
In 2180, after creating a prototype device able to teleport a person within a time period, He was taken hostage by a gang named the Sons of Loki, leaded by a power-crazy man named Larry “Looney Larry” Napier and his device was stolen. Despite Ironfist’s reluctance to take Dr. Black with him (He’ll either get in the way or get him killed like his teammates), he acts as Ironfist’s sidekick to stop Looney Larry, as well as the destruction he creates through time. He is able to provide Ironfist with intelligence as well as world history during their adventures.

Villain: Larry “Looney Larry” Napier
Allegiance: Sons of Loki Motorcycle Club
Personality: Alpha Male, Psychotic, Megalomaniac,

Influence Map:

Larry “Looney Larry” Napier is a 29 Year-Old, White, 6”9 Slim-build male, with a politician-smart intellect, power-crazy personality and a passion for violence, chaos and destruction. He enjoys nothing better than provoking anarchy on a grand scale. Born from a family of world leaders, he was bored of the perfect utopian world they carefully created through the years.
Raised within a posh culture and having allowed no friends, he was fascinated with the idea of anarchy and sin. He was especially interested in biker culture for their ideals of freedom, non-conformity to mainstream culture, and loyalty to only themselves.
After secretly poisoning his entire family, he inherited control of the world and dropped it into a corrupt dystopia overnight. Using his gigantic inheritance, he formed a gang named the Sons of Loki MC, an international crime syndicate and biker gang, based upon his favourite mythological god Loki, the Norse Trickster God.
However, he bores quickly of the new world he created. Looney Larry hears of the invention of time travel created by Dr. Nigel Black. Believing it would be more interesting to “play-about” with World history, like wiping out the entire Roman Empire with machine-gun or dropping atomic bombs on Nazi Germany during the middle of World War II. He steals the prototype time-travel device and activates it. Not knowing that the device is a prototype, he and his goons are sent through time with no way to reactivate it, over time he learns the device reactivates itself on a timer of 24 hours, allowing Looney Larry to cause as much destruction as he can before the device is activated again.


  1. Hi Ryan,
    Ok, the story and characters are great, if this is for an adult tv series. You now need need to pitch this as a kids tv show. Remember that this project is about following the wishes of the client. That means trimming a lot of fat, and cutting out the darker elements. Essentially, you need a lighter tone, injecting more humour etc. I dont think you need to change the story and characters, but there needs needs to be a radical shift in tone

  2. The inspiration for tone of the show are primarily the cartoons G.I. Joe (1987), and M.A.S.K (1985).

    Both were targeted towards a child-male audience, (watch the show, buy the action figures!) and were based upon fighting a kind of criminal organization (COBRA, V.E.N.O.M.). I'm also aiming to push the Villain's tone as well as the Villain organisation's tone within a lighter mood then I made it seem. (Drawing inspiration to Bebop and Rocksteady -

    I apologise as I never made that as clear as I should have.

    I'll be putting up a separate follow-up post soon dedicated to the tone elements of the show.

    Thanks for the feedback Justin. :)